Company name Cast Nishino of trade name Ltd.
Address 25-12,Yokoyama-cho,Kanazawa city,ishikawa prefecture, japan. #920-0922
TEL.+81-76-222-2839; FAX.+81-76-222-2857
Representative Representative Director and President Hideo Nishino
Establishment March 21, 1924
Establish August 12, 1988
Work contents <information making management> Planning, design, graphic design, Web design, digital content production, CG production, Internet homepage creation, homepage creation for smartphones and mobile phones, computer program creation, security data management, homepage creation, consulting, digital signage
Work contents <print> - Offset printing : Catalog printing, Brochure printing, Leaflet printing, Poster printing, Booklet printing, Flyer printing, Flyer printing, DM postcard printing, business card printing, seal printing, general commercial printing
- On-demand priningt : Brochure printing, leaflet printing, booklet printing, leaflet printing, flyer printing, DM postcard printing, business card printing, variable printing, anti-duplication printing
Dealings bank The Hokkoku Bank Kensakatsuji branch
Kanazawa credit union Suzmibashi branch
Shumishin SBI Net Bank Corporation First Branch
Number of employees 15 people


  • 1924

    With Kamikawayoke-machi river of Asano Kanazawa city (present Yokoyama-cho) Nishino
    It is Cast Nishino present Ltd. in the zaimoku-cyo Kanazawa
    Nishino photocomposition establishment that is production

  • 1975

    Founder of Nishino Photocopy, which is currently the cast Nishino production department at Zaimoku-cho, Kanazawa City

  • 1988

    The Nishino print shop and the Nishino photocomposition changing the organization
    It annexes, and ..execution.. from the project
    Cast Nishino establishment of Ltd. as integrated (capital
    New building completion to Kanazawa

  • 1989

    Completed a new building in Yokoyama Town, Kanazawa city

  • 1992

    In September The CI introduction.
    The capital is increased to the capital

  • 1997

    Internet business beginning

  • 2001

    On-demand print business

  • 2004

    "CASTWEB" Trademark registration acquired

  • 2005

    Privacy mark acquisition

  • 2005

    Environmental business beginning in April

  • 2007

    Privacy mark 2006 acquisition

  • 2009

    Privacy mark 2006 updated

  • 2011

    Privacy mark update

  • 2013

    Privacy mark update

  • 2015

    Privacy mark update

  • 2016

    It is adopted as an auxiliary project related to subsidies for manufacturing development, commercial and service new development support

  • 2017

    Privacy mark update

  • 2017

    Digital signage business started

  • 2019

    Privacy mark update

  • 2021

    Privacy mark update